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Faculty of Health Sciences of CIU is ready for the 2018-2019 Academic Year with its New Departments

Faculty of Health Sciences of Cyprus International University (CIU) is waiting for its students for the new academic year with its new departments.

Prof. Dr. Feray Gökdoğan, the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences of CIU started the education life with Nursing and Dietetics and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Departments in 2012-2013 Academic Year and she pointed out that now the Faculty has developed and it has Nursing Department, Social Work, Social Service Department, Child Development and Health Management, Business Health and Safety Departments which was approved by YÖK and YÖDAK. Gökdoğan stated that the Faculty of Health Sciences will continue to open the departments that carries importance in the health care services and is requested in the coming semesters and she said with the increase in the number of students the Faculty of Health Sciences will continue to improve and grow.

Gökdoğan pointed out that students will have the opportunity to improve their theoretical knowledge and technical skills by well-known academics in their field at the School of Health Sciences and Vocational School of Health Sciences before they go to real practice areas such as hospitals.

Prof. Dr. Gökdoğan pointed out that within the Faculty there are Nursing, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Anthropometry laboratories and she said students skills will be developed by simulators, models and tools.

The Dean, Feray Gökdoğan, who also gave information about summer internships, stated that students will strengthen their knowledge and skills in developed hospitals and practice areas through summer internships.

Gökdoğan said that the physical infrastructure of the Faculty and the School were completed and she said that "students have education together at international level that creates an intercultural exchange and it also provides an important contribution of learning a second language."

Prof. Dr. Gökdoğan recalled that accreditation work was started at the Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Social Work and Nursing Departments and she said the Health Sciences Curriculum Assessment and Accreditation Association of Turkey which has the registration of the accreditation authority by the Higher Education Quality Council, contributes to improve the quality of the education in Health Sciences in Turkey and the Northern Cyprus.

Last updated: 29-08-2018