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The Faculty of Education of CIU Awaits its Prospective Future Teachers

The Faculty of Education of Cyprus International University (CIU) is ready for the 2018-2019 Academic Year with its technologically equipped classes, wide range of application areas, and its physical equipment for the educational attainment of prospective teachers.

Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim Yalın, the Dean of the Faculty of Education, noted that the Faculty aims to train high-quality teachers, who have scientific knowledge, skills, and attitude, who are responsible for the environment and society, who can think critically, who are open to innovation, and who are able to guide the community.

Prof. Dr. Yalın drew attention to the fact that there are a total of seven departments in the Faculty:Computer and Instructional Technology Education, Educational Sciences, Basic Education, Social Sciences, Turkish Education, Foreign Language ​​Education, and Special Education.

Prof. Dr. Yalın said the Faculty of Education is an important institution that trains teachers for the TRNC, the Turkish education system, and further afield, stating that all of the undergraduate and graduate programs are approved by YÖDAK and YÖK.

Yalın pointed out that scholars are trained in Educational Administration and Planning, English Language Teaching, Guidance and Psychological Counselling, and Education for the Mentally DisabledProgrammes, which are approved by YÖK and Educational Programs and Teaching, Preschool Education, and Turkish Education Programmes which are approved by YÖDAK.

Prof. Dr. Yalın summarized that the main objectives of the education programs are to provide a general culture, analytical thinking, interdisciplinary study, field knowledge, and the pedagogical formation that a teacher should have.

Yalın relayed the fact that about 1,500 students are educated in the Faculty of Education and education and teaching activities are carried out by 67 teaching staff.

Last updated: 01-10-2018