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Faculty of Communication of CIU is Ready for the New Academic Year

Faculty of Communication, Cyprus International University (CIU), which aims to provide high quality education and training in the light of science, with strong curriculum, expert staff and broad application possibilities extending from theoretical to practical is waiting for candidates in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Prof. Dr. Hikmet Seçim, the Dean of the Faculty of Communication said there are Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Radio and Television, Visual Communication Design and Cartoon and Animation Departments in the faculty. Seçim stated Cartoon and Animation Department will start accepting students in 2018-2019 academic year and the language of instruction is Turkish, however, in the other departments the language of instruction is English.

Seçim mentioned that accreditation process of the Advertising and Public Relations Program of the Faculty started on April 20, 2018 by the "Communication Training Evaluation Accreditation Board (İLEDAK) from Turkey.

Prof. Dr. Seçim said for this purpose improvements were made in course schedules in accordance with the needs and demands of the industry and has renewed the course contents at ILEDAK standards. Seçim also pointed out that the application of "In-Faculty Seminars" to contribute to the academic development of faculty members was started. Hikmet Seçim mentioned that they aim to increase student satisfaction with accreditation as a result of the evaluation made by ILEDAK, to increase the employment opportunities of graduates and to facilitate the exchange of students and teaching staff among the universities.

Prof. Dr. Hikmet Seçim said every year thousands of graduates from the Faculty of Communication joins the media sector and he stated the graduates of Faculty of Communication of CIU will make a difference in their career journeys with their strong written and oral English skills.

Seçim said they provide education that the use of computer programs is prioritized with the aim of providing education demanded by the sector and he stated that they aim to educate communicators who are prone to teamwork.

Last updated: 29-08-2018