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The Faculty of Communication at CIU, became the first and only ILEDAK accredited department in Northern Cyprus

Cyprus International  University (CIU) Faculty of Communication, Department of Advertising and Public Relations, received accreditation from the Communication Education Evaluation Accreditation Board (ILEDAK) and received the certificate at a ceremony.

During the certificate ceremony held at the CIU Rectorate Building, Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri,  Rector of the University,  Prof. Dr. Aysel Aziz ,  President of Communication Research Association (İLAD), Prof. Dr. Halil Nalçaoğlu, Head of the ILEDAK,  and Ayşe Füsun Özbilgen, İLAD General Secretary  and Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Toycan and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prof. Emrah Erkurt, Vice Rectors of the University  and Prof. Dr. Hikmet Seçim , Dean of the Faculty of Communication attended the ceremony.

Nadiri pointed out that CIU is the first and only university in the TRNC with the ILEDAK accreditation and he congratulated the academics who contributed to the process. He stated that getting the universities programs accredited by  scientific institutions has been a priority. So it is aimed to to get all programs of the CIU accredited.

Prof. Dr. Aysel Aziz, Head of İLAD, Faculty of Communication, Advertising and Public Relations Department, said the department has gone through a difficult process, however, they have improved the quality of education programs with a great success, so the quality of education was registered by İLEDAK.

Prof. Dr. Halil Nalçaoğlu, ILEDAK President, stated that they considered ILEDAK accreditations as a sustainable success and they aim to increase the quality of communication education from their current position to a higher level.
Prof. Dr. Hikmet Seçim, Dean of the Faculty of Communication, said ILEDAK accreditation of the Department is the outcome of the intensive handwork of faculty members and he expressed his gratitude to his colleagues in this sense.

Last updated: 20-05-2019