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Faculty of Communication Accreditation Work Progresses Fast

Accreditation work at the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, Faculty of Communication, Cyprus International University is progressing fast.

Prof. Dr. Hikmet Seçim, the Dean of the Faculty of Communication said they applied to "The Communication Training Evaluation Accreditation Board’’ (İLEDAK) in Turkey for the accreditation of the Advertising and Public Relations Department and the process began on April 20th, 2018.

Prof. Dr. Seçim provided information about the work carried out within the scope of the overall evaluation and accreditation process, saying "The faculty has made improvements in the curriculum in accordance with the standards set by ILEDAK and the needs and demands of internal and external stakeholders, so the content of the courses was renewed and 'Seminars within the faculty' was initiated to contribute to the academic development of faculty members”.

Prof. Dr. Hikmet Seçim said the accreditation to be awarded by İLEDAK will be a major contribution in improving student satisfaction, increasing employment opportunities for graduates and it will facilitate the exchange of students and faculty members between universities. Prof. Dr. Hikmet Seçim added that the evaluation team will visit their faculty in October, 2018.

Last updated: 02-08-2018