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Explanation of the "world customs day" from CIU faculty member

Cyprus International University (CIU), the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Assoc. Prof. Hasret Balcıoğlu made a statement about 26 january World Customs Day.

World Customs Union in 1947, Balcıoğlu stated that the 13 countries included in the european economic cooperation committee are independent organizations established by the national customs administrations in order to ensure their effective and efficient operation and to promote them. Assoc. Prof. Hasret Balcıoğlu also decided, the relevant 13 countries, to establish two committees, the Economic Committee and the Customs Committee, in 1948.

Balcıoğlu indicates that the Customs Committee is the basis of the Customs Cooperation Council that takes the name of the World Customs Organization, nowadays the World Customs Organization with 179 members received its name in 1994. In 1950, the Turkish government signed a Customs Union Agreement, and on January 26, 1953, 17 European countries participating in the first council meeting with the participation of the Vice Dean Assoc. Prof. Balcıoğlu said that, “Turkey became a member of the world customs organization as a founding member to customs tariffs and trade agreement”.


                Hasret Balcıoğlu indicates, World Trade Organization together with its members, has achieved 98 percent of world trade and every year on 26th of January different events with a different theme are organized, the theme set in 2017, “Digital Customs: Increasing Attendance” added to his words. Vice  Dean Assoc. Prof. Balcıoğlu, Purpose of the World Customs Union; Simplification of customs procedures related to trade in goods and class-to-person transit, creation of international documents to ensure implementation, enactment of legislation and taking measures to reduce customs offenses, providing technical support to member countries in accordance with changing conditions, development work for international cooperation.

                To organize World Customs Day events in Northern Cyprus and to give trainings to inform customs personnel and island people about developments in the world, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences Assoc. Prof. Hasret Balcıoğlu, noting that the publication of relevant news may increase performance and motivation and he said that “So that a more efficient, qualified and contemporary work environment will be created”.

Last updated: 01-02-2017