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An Explanation about ‘’ The world’s cooperative day ‘’ from a CIU academic member

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An Explanation about ‘’ The world’s cooperative day ‘’ from a CIU academic member

Prof. Dr. Hasret Balcıoğlu,who is the vice dean of the faculty of economics and administrative sciences (CIU), gave an explanation about ‘’ The world’s cooperative day ‘’.

‘’The main purpose of the cooperative societies is to ensure the common needs to be met’’

Prof. Dr. Hasret Balcıoğlu,who expressed that The world’s cooperative day was celebrated on the 21st December, defined the cooperatives are the groups that came together for the profession, the arts and the social interests and  were formed with a nonprofit strategy. Prof. Dr. Hasret Balcıoğlu emphasized that the cooperatives are the remains of the unity spirit and the main purpose of the cooperatives is to work efficiently and to ensure the common needs with the labour and the evaluation of the products. Prof. Dr. Hasret Balcıoğlu drew attention on the place of cooperatives in social economy and said that the production of sugar beet in the USA is being done with the cooperatives.

Prof. Dr. Hasret Balcıoğlu said that, the first co-operative examples show up in Europe and North America during the 17th and 18th centuries, modern sense of cooperatives established in England in 21 December 1844. Prof. Dr. Balcıoğlu, the cooperatives in 1867 was extended as a result of the information that was obtained on cooperatives; the representatives of cooperatives in USA, Argentina, Serbia, India, Australia, Swiss, Germany, England, Belgium, Denmark, France, Holland and   Italy came together in London on 19 August 1895 and trasfered about their first meeting about “International cooperative association”.

Dr. Balcıoğlu reminded that the first cooperative in Turkey was founded by Atatürk on 30 June 1936 in the village of "Tekirçiftligi" with the contrubution of several villages that are located in Silifke district and he added that Atatürk emphasized the importance of cooperative system by saying "People can not be successful if they work personally". He said that the first modern cooperative in Northern Cyprus was founded by Turkish Cypriots and Greeks under the name "Savings and Loan Cooperative Company" in 1909 and he added that the first cooperative founded by Turks in the island was in Sütlüce village of Famagusta in 1927.

Deputy dean of the UKU Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Dr. Hasret Balcıoğlu, emphasized the importance of more efficient and productive cooperatives in North Cyprus. He said if the cooperatives are more active, they will be able to make more contributions in the economy of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and set a good example for future generations.

Last updated: 09-01-2017