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Expert Psychologists of PCGC, CIU Launched a Campaign on "TAKE AN ACTION AGAINST GENDER DIFFERENCE"

Expert Psychologists of Psychological Counselling and Guidance Centre (PCGM) organized an event on March 8, International Labour Day for Women to draw attention to women's rights and gender equality.

Çise Haşimoğulları, an expert psychologist, mentioned that their desire is to draw attention on to all sorts of violence against women in the society, in the media and in the family as PCGM.

Huriye Koruşan, an expert psychologist, emphasized that it is everyone’s right to have equal rights but nowadays there is a prejudice against woman and she added that social and cultural behaviour models that are against women's rights needs to be changed as soon as possible.

Expert psychologists set up a stand and asked "are woman and man equal?" at the Student Centre between 08: 00-13: 00 and collected the views of students and staff.

On their board they displayed humiliating language against women, the role of women in the tales, the messages given to children on the sexism and idioms that exist in society and fall against women's rights such as “If you give a birth to a boy, you should be proud of it, if it is a girl, you should be upset; long hair, short minded; if you leave a girl on her own, she gets away to a drummer or a clarion player; potential husband consider the way you cook not your education; do not interfere to the male work; do not toss stick from woman’s back and a kid from her tummy; if you do not beat your daughter, you beat yourself.

Finally, the event was ended by distributing a purple ribbon and Nazım Hikmet's poem "Woman" to the students and the staff.

Last updated: 11-04-2018