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A seminar on "Exam Anxiety and Effective Study Techniques" was held at Cyprus International University (CIU) by the Center of Psychological Counselling and Guidance before the final exams.

In the seminar, which was held at Çeviz Uraz Conference Hall, expert psychologist Çise Haşimoğulları talked about how to cope up with exam anxiety and efficient study techniques.


"Negative thoughts bring negative results"



Haşimoğulları referred to the problems of “not being able to study” from the expressions of the students and she conveyed how to solve the problems like “I do not want to study” and “I want to study but I can not study”. Expert psychologist Hashimoğulları underlined that Negative thoughts bring negative results and she said “we must defeat our negative thoughts first”. She expressed the importance of sitting while studying and she added that the place should be a fixed place while studying.



“Those who do not study regularly will study more”

Çise Haşimoğulları, defined the effective study as “Knowing efficient ways of studying and studying effectively rather than studying too hard”. Çise Haşimoğulları pointed out the importance of using time in a programmed and efficient way in the framework of the determined objectives and she said  that “Those who do not study regularly will study more”. Haşimoğulları who came to the point of efficient use of time by means of efficient study also added that determining the goals and the priorities are the first step in planning the time. She said that if the prepared program could be followed, students should reward themselves and that would be very useful for the motivation. She also emphasized that the time-efficient individuals are more likely to approach their goals. Çise Haşimoğulları said that the course should be studied within the framework of the program, and the lesson shouldn’t be studied for 4-5 hours without having a break otherwise students can lose the will to study to that lesson. Haşimoğulları informed planning and studying regularly would bring the students one step closer to their goals.She stated that it is important that students know how long they will study, how long they will be able to study, and how much effort they have to make to achieve their goals.

Last updated: 09-02-2017