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Estimated World Population in 2050 Will Go Up to 10 Billion

Dr. Gökhan Akbay, a Lecturer of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Cyprus Internatinal University stated within the scope of July 11th the World Population Day that according to the estimations of the United Nations Population Fund, world population will reach to 10 billion by 2050.

Dr. Gökhan Akbay pointed out that the United Nations and its affiliated institutions evaluate these campaigns with awareness about the population and he said "For example, the slogan of the year 2018 is "Family Planning is a Human Identity." The reason for the preference of this slogan is that it is the 50th anniversary of the International Conference on Human Rights, which is the first time that the family planning has been recognized as a human right in 2018."

Akbay said that the human population has increased by more than three quarters in the 20th century and he stated that "Family planning reduces fertility but it is not equal to the decline in death rate. According to the estimates of the United Nations Population Fund, by 2050 the population will go up to 10 billion.”

Gökhan Akbay said population problem is not just an increase in the number of people and he added that there are also problems such as population growth and migration, crooked urbanization, impoverishment, unemployment, inadequacy in health services and cultural integration problem.

Akbay informed about the countries where the rate of the population growth is low and he said "The rate of the elderly population in these countries is increasing and this reduces the productivity of the society."

Dr. Gökhan Akbay stated that we can observe the reflections of the population problem in the TRNC in terms of immigration, urbanization and cultural integration and he explained that the integration due to an intensive foreign migration will be on the agenda of the TRNC for many years to remedy housing, health and infrastructure problems.

Akbay mentioned the importance of youth rejuvenation and he said that it is important to follow a policy that will remedy the above problems.

Last updated: 18-07-2018