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EPSA orientation day has been organized at CIU

CIU, department of Pharmacy has organized EPSA orientation day.

CIU is the only university in Cyprus that holds the membership of EPSA (European Pharmaceutical Studentsa Association)

Assistant of Dean, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ender Volkan gave a speech in the opening ceremony of ESPA orientation day which was held in Çevik Uraz Conference Hall. She stated that CIUPSA had been established with the cooperation of CIU students was also a member of EPSA. She added that CIU is the only university in Cyprus that was a member of EPSA. She emphasized that EPSA is a great organization that 160.000 students from 35 different countries participate. The aim of this organization is  to strengthen the communication between Pharmaceutical students and ensure cooperation with each other.

After Assist Prof Dr Ender Volkan’s speech, EPSA secretary Fatih Çolak, CIUPSA Twinnet coordinator and EPSA design coordinator Gökberk Alp Bakır carried out their presentations.

Fatih Çolak mentioned that EPSA started its activities in 1978. It is aimed to gather pharmaceutical students together in an international area by French students. By pharmaceutical students Federation , this organization became legal in 1982.

Gökberk Alp Bakır cited that all the students can reach EPSA on social network. The goal of EPSA is to provide continuous contact and exchange of information. Also, it is aimed to constitute consensus, to increase liveliness and to organize activities in terms of Pharmacy profile as a profession.