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Emin Tüylüce, Graduate of CIU, Shares his Experiences with Students

Emin Tüylüce, a graduate of the Computer Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering, Cyprus International University (CIU) shared his experiences in life with the CIU students.

During the event, organized by the Computer Science Club affiliated to the Social Activities Coordinatorship of the CIU, Tüylüce, a Data Analysis Expert, gave the students a seminar on data analysis, and then he shared his experiences in his professional life following graduation. 

Tüylüce reminded students that achievements in the academic field are important until graduation, however, it is important to have practical knowledge in addition to these achievements in the business world. He stated that he started his professional life as a software engineer and increased his experience by working in different fields in the process and then he shared his story of transition to data engineering with students. Tüylüce also gave information about the difficulties he experienced after graduation and he made recommendations about the feeling of success and the solutions to problems.

In his speech, Tüylüce suggested students should never give up and evaluate all opportunities. He also pointed out the importance of having a vision. He reminded them that the world is developing and transforming and he said “In this information area, you need to train yourself to gain knowledge quickly, do research, question, and you should be competitive.” He also informed the students about the steps to be taken when starting a business and he also mentioned CV (curriculum vitae) and portfolio creation techniques.

Emre Tüfekçi, the President of the Computer Science Club of CIU, said that in addition to the quality education that the university provided, the information and experiences conveyed by the speaker motivate them, and this reminded them of the importance of keeping their goals high.

Last updated: 08-02-2019