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“Cyprus Universities E-Sources Meeting” for the usage of electronic sources in libraries was organized by Cyprus International University (CIU) Library Directorate.

Library directors and staff from many universities in North Cyprus attended to the event took place in Çevik Uraz Conference Hall and Erol Gökduman, EBSCO Turkey Sales Director, Doğan Küsmüş, EBSCO Area Sales Manager, Hayri Yavuz, Hyperlink Representative took their part as speakers in the event.

Doğan Küsmüş, EBSCO Area Sales Manager said that EBSCO e-book database has 155 thousand electronic books with many language options and mentioned that information and accessibility are provided in university libraries with this database.

Küsmüş stated that e-book application will expedite the works of academicians and students, and said that many sources like articles, books, journals will be scanned and required information will be reached easily. Doğan Küsmüş mentioned that EBSCO e-book database has a continuous dynamic structure and makes library catalogues to be scanned easily. He also said, “By doing monthly updates we increase the number of the books you can reach.”

Erol Gökduman, EBSCO Turkey Sales Director in his speech mentioned that EBSCO database is said to be difficult to use and said “we respect authors’ royalties and try to prevent existing information from copying”. Gökduman stated that the usage seems to be difficult at first but informative videos are also on the database to make the usage easier for the users.

Hayri Yavuz, Hyperlink Representative mentioned that hyper-book database has publications written for different fields and has 17 thousand electronic books. He also said that due to the agreements made with publishing houses electronic books have been formed. 

Yavuz stated that because of some difficulties experienced they made political changes and said “Publishing houses sometimes send the required publications incompletely. And sometimes it takes a few years to reach these publications and copyright. Yavuz mentioned that academicians publish their existing works willingly without asking for a fee and make electronic books, and by this means they formed rapidly improving electronic book database. Hayri Yavuz emphasized the importance of improving rapidly by dealing with publishing and said “Thereby, academicians have their own books without paying a fee.”

At the end of the conference, the speakers were presented certificates of participation by CIU Library Director, Gülten Sala Lay.

Last updated: 28-09-2017