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Dual Degree Opportunity Partnership with CIU and EU Business School Continues

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Dual Degree Opportunity Partnership with CIU and EU Business School Continues

The diploma and graduate diploma agreement, which has been signed with Cyprus International Univeristy (CIU) and Europe's Major Educational Institutions European University Business School, continues this year as well.

The dual degree opportunity, which was brought into effect in 2016-17 Academic Year between Cyprus International University and European University Business School, attracted great interest and it will continue in the new academic year as well.

CIU students, who can study at one of the most prestigious universities of Europe EU Business School's Swiss or Spanish campuses, can benefit from the double diploma opportunity of Business Undergraduate and Graduate Programme.

According to the agreement signed by the two universities, students will be able to complete the Master Programme at the EU Business School for one semester after they studied three semesters at CIU. The graduate education programme in the Masters of Business Administration  (MBA), which is a thesis program, can be completed on campuses in Switzerland or Spain according to the preference of the students. In the same way, students, who wish to benefit from the dual degree of Business undergraduate education, can also graduate from the undergraduate programme by studying 3 years at CIU and one year at EU Business School.

In the statement made by the Office of the Rector's Office of Cyprus International University, it has been mentioned that those who want to enroll in dual degree programmes or get more detailed information can apply to the CIU Registrar’s Office Directorate.

The EU Business School and its accreditations that offer an MBA dual degree opportunity


The EU Business School, which is a private higher education institution with many campuses, has campuses in Geneva and Montreux in Switzerland, and the campuses in the cities of Barcelona in Spain. The EU Business School has UK and German Government accreditations.
In addition to this, it has accreditations from the Central and East Eastern European Management Development Association (CEEMAN), International Quality Accreditation (IQA), International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programmes (ACBSP) and has agreements with universities and private institutions in many countries around the world.

Last updated: 03-10-2017