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Donation to Kyrenia Cancer Society from CIU Library Club and Directorate

An event was held by Cyprus International University (CIU) Library Club and Directorate for Kyrenia Cancer Society. In addition to 15 boxes of books, summer and winter women's, men's and children's clothing, shoes, and bags were donated to Kyrenia Cancer Society in this event.

In statements on donation event, Library Manager and Club Advisor Gültan Sala Lay said, as of 2006 Cyprus International University Library Directorate and the club have organized events under social awareness projects. Lay also stated that, so far, events have been done for various groups such as stray animals, the elderly, youth, disabled, and primary school children, and those events which included tale days, the game time, poetry time, poetry night, interactive chat and music hours, books, clothes donation campaigns, and fairs.


"We will continue to produce and implement social awareness projects"

Stating that 18 boxes containing summer and winter women's, men's and children's clothing, shoes, and bags, and computers were donated on the campaign organized for Kyrenia Cancer Society, Gülten Sala Lay said those who would like make donations for Kyrenia Cancer Society should communicate with the authorities.

Library Director Lay said, "We will continue to produce and implement social awareness projects as CIU in order to strengthen the ties between the university and society and to educate students with a sense of social awareness.

"Our goal is to create awareness in the society"

Ökkeş Doğukan Ede, a second year student of Psychology Department of Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Cyprus International University, thanked Library Manager and Library Club Advisor Gülten Sala for their support for this event which aimed to make a donation for cancer patients and to raise awareness in the community. Stating that he has taken part in a number of social awareness projects for 2 years in CIU, Ede also said these kinds of projects contribute to the development of one’s social awareness skills. Drawing attention on the fact that 8% of the world's population is estimated to have a fight against cancer, Ede said, “We want to do something for these special people so they do not feel isolated from society. If we could touch their lives a little bit, we are happy.”


Last updated: 13-02-2017