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Doğukan Furkan Abacı, Who Competed in the Recipe Competition “I study and I also cook”, Starts his Education at CIU

Doğukan Furkan Abacı who competed in the recipe competition “I study and I also cook”, which was organized by Cyprus International University (CIU) and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Turkey, started his education life at CIU.

Abacı, who came second in the sweet category of the competition which was held last year, chose the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department, gaining a 75% scholarship.

The jury members of the competition were Chef Hazer Amani, who was the producer of the program Chef at Bein Gurme, Can Oba, Chef and the producer of the Can'li Tatlar programme in on CNN Türk, Selim Yeşilpınar, a Chef, and Esat Kastambollu, a lecturer of the Gastronomy Department of CIU.

Abacı stated that he had learned about the competition from his teachers in high school and he had never been in such a big organization, and he had come to Cyprus for the first time. He said that he had the chance to get to know Cyprus with the organized city tours and he said Cyprus is an ideal university island for students. Abacı explained that it was a pleasant process due to the positive approach of the CIU family who organized the competition.

Abacı pointed out that the university gave importance to green areas and this created an environment that will provide students with a healthy environment that can work for the students. He stated he is happy with the opportunities of the university.

Abacı said that students enter into the kitchen in the second year at many universities in Turkey and he said "We have begun to enter into the kitchen at CIU from the first week. This gives us experience.”

Abacı pointed out that participation in such competitions is important and he advised students to develop themselves by following the competitions about their interests.

Last updated: 08-02-2019