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The Directorate of Library organized a Training Seminar

“Web of Science Exploration and Citation Database Training Seminar” for graduate and post graduate students and academics.

Jamal El Ouahi, the Scientific Academic Research company’s representative of Turkey, was the main speaker of the Web of Science training seminar. In addition, Derya Soğuksu, the Web of Science Education Officer was a guest. Ouahi provided information on how to use the citation scan engine. After that he announced that the Web of Science was established to assist graduate students and academics while carrying out their scientific research. He presented the search engine's citation directories to the researchers in the web environment and said it is possible to find out who did research on which subjects afore.

Gülten Sala Lay stated that the training meeting organized by the CIU Library Directorate, TÜBİTAK and Web of Science officials is very important for the academic studies of the users. Lay reminded that the e-books and databases in the rich collection of the CIU Library can easily be reached from inside and outside the campus. She said that a series of database training meetings will continue.

Last updated: 15-05-2019