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Derviş Mişon Handball Final Cup hosted by CIU

The Derviş Mişon Handball Final Cup match was organized by Cyprus International University (CIU) in collaboration with the TRNC Handball Federation and the Prime Minister's Anti-Drug Commission. In the women's category CIU became champions and in the men’s category Gençlik Gücü (GG) reigned supreme.

In the Derviş Mişon Handball Cup, which was held at the CIU Arena Sports Complex, the Women's Handball League final was played between CIU and the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) DİGEM. CIU won the championship with a score of 35-33. In men's category final between GG and CIU, the cup was GG’s with a score of 33-32.

Tarkan Kayas, the Acting Director of the Sports Affairs of CIU, said that the tournament was organized in memory of former national handball player Derviş Mişon, who died in 2004. Kayaş said although in the women's category CIU were the champions, in the men’s category we were defeated by a very small margin. Kayaş mentioned that Derviş Mişon was a gentlemen sportsman and the main goal of the tournament was to reflect his gentlemenship to the field. Kayaş said they were happy to host such events at the CIU Arena Sports Complex and he congratulated all the teams on behalf of their gentlemenship.

Last updated: 15-03-2019