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A Dance Festival at CIU

The Dance Club of the Student Development and Counselling Centre (SDCC) affiliated to the Social Activities Coordinator, Cyprus International University (CIU) will hold a Dance Festival on April 19-20. There will be a dance festival that the Dance Clubs of the TRNC universities and dance schools in the TRNC as well as many dance schools from the Southern Cyprus will join and all dance lovers will meet.

Ömer Yeşilbaş and Çisil Sıkı, who are from İstanbul Dance Factory, one of the best and world-renowned dance school of Turkey and Noutsa Snouts and Aleks Hristov, from the Advance Movements Dance School will give free dance training at this unique feast. At the Performance Dance Evening, which will start at 20:30 in the evening of April 19th, dance lovers will have a chance to watch the dance performances of all the dance teams after 2-day intensive dance training. There will be a 500 TL awarded individual dance contest, open for anyone who is amateur or professional at the final night. The competition, which will be organized for the first time in Cyprus, will be done as 1vs1 Hip hop and 1vs1 Salsa Battle.

Dance trainings, which will be open for everyone from beginner to advanced level, will begin at the CIU Arena on April 19th at 16:30 and will continue with the dance shows of all dance teams at 20:30. The dance festival, which will start with a dance training at the CIU Arena on April 20th at 16:30, will end with a competition to be held at the Q Club at 21:00.

A detailed information about the Dance Festival can be obtained from Instagram ciudanceclub.


19.04.2018 (Thursday) (Place: Arena )
16:30-17:30 Ömer Yeşilbaş – Urban Dance Workshop
17:30-18:30 Çisil Sıkı – High Heels
18:30-19:30 Noutsa Snouts – Waacking Workshop
20:30-23:30 Stage Performances of Guest Teams and CIU Dance Club
20.04.2018 (Friday) (Place: Arena & Club Q)
16:30-17:30 Ömer Yeşilbaş – Urban Dance Workshop
17:30-18:30 Aleks Hristov – Hiphop&Breaking Workshop
18:30-19:30 Çisil Sıkı- High Heels
21:30 1vs1 1vs1 Hip hop and 1vs1 Salsa Competitions and After Party (Place: Club Q)


Last updated: 09-05-2018