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Cyprus International University, the Society of youth TEMA Social responsibility project

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Cyprus International University, the Society of youth TEMA Social responsibility project

The society of youth TEMA has put a signature on a social responsibility at Haspolat Kindergarden in order to raise awareness and attract attention on environmental pollution.

The society met with the little students of Haspolat Kindergarden who are at the very early period of becoming an adult. They informed the students about environmental pollution, nature and the life of a living creature.

‘Affection of environment has a leading role for the future’

The member of the society took a close interest in all the students and they tried to infuse into nature by playing games. They distributed water, pot, beans and some cotton to the little students and they explained the process of the germination of beans.

Cyprus International University, the head of the youth TEMA society Mehmet Ulaş who is a student at Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering indicated that the process of germination of beans that had been performed had had an important role in inspiring nature affection for the Kindergarden students. He stated that by doing this experiment, the students would improve their observation skills and became self-awared. Also, he added that environmental affection would play an important and great role on the future of the students whose lives had been shaping recently.

On the other hand, the member of the society of TEMA demonstrated an animation film and they took attention on environmental pollution by presenting presentation.

They also asked some questions to the little students and told them to draw pictures. He mentioned that these pictures had raised the students awarness. He added that ‘ It won’t be enough to only explain for the students at this age group, you also need to support them to draw, use their imagination in order to express themselves and this would be an essential element of raising awarness.’

The members of the society spent a very enjoyable moment with the little students. At the end of the event, they surprised the students and gave them colouring books, watercolor paint, and crayons as a gift. Finally, they didn’T forget to take a group photo as a memory.

Last updated: 28-04-2017