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Micro Software, one of Turkey's leading software companies, trained instructors for the Cyprus International University faculty members and trainers within the scope of "professional vocational courses" for their products.

During the training held at the International Cyprus University Campus; İlker Bekdemir from Micro Software Education and Support Department explained the microsoft software products and their properties practically, which can help the students to gain achievements for both education and work life within the scope of the training given within 2 full days, Computerized Accounting and Management Information Systems Department. In addition to this training, a cooperation protocol between Micro Software and the International University of Cyprus was also signed. Within the scope of cooperation; To promote the understanding of scientific activities, research, in-vocational training, the relationships among instructors, employees and students, to develop existing ones, to provide and publish the results of collaborative work, and to convey the experiences of the parties in scientific organizations.



About Micro Software Established in 1988 with 100% domestic capital as one of the first and foremost enterprise-commercial business software manufacturers in Turkey, Micro Software develops software that will enable companies to manage their business at the highest level and to achieve efficient growth. Developed comprehensive and functional software aims to help manage company assets in the best possible way. The softwares that are produced in Micro Software are up to now; From automotive to distribution, from construction to retail production and retail. Thanks to 30 years of knowledge and experience, Micro Software is a big ecosystem with more than 300 business partners, including a wide dealer network. Micro Software, which provides uninterrupted support to its customers in every corner of Turkey, has started to bring its products and services to close to 100 businesses in Turkey and beyond Turkey's borders. Micro Software's know-how, engineering solutions and dynamic structure combined with a customer-focused approach have led to a customer satisfaction rate of 96%.

Last updated: 20-02-2017