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Cypriot Cuisine Introduced at CIU

The Tourism and Hotel Management Department of Cyprus International University (CIU) organized an event called “Cyprus Cuisine from Past to Present” in order to introduce its students to Cypriot cuisine and expand their knowledge of food culture.

Academic, Operator, and Cyprus Flavor Specialist Mustafa Şah, who came together with the students at the event gave information about his professional life and the tourism sector. Şah pointed out the importance of the Cypriot culinary culture to the country's tourism and he said that nations should protect their history, culture, and tastes in order to exist.

Şah, who explained the Cypriot cuisine and food culture from the past to the present, gave information about halloumi, zivaniya, samerella, pilavuna, and pastes which are traditional products of Cyprus.

Şah, said importance should be given to the kitchen sector in Cyprus and he said by transferring, a country's products should be circulated in the world market so that the country's recognition, history, and culture can spread faster.

Last updated: 18-01-2019