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Current Job Opportunities and Challenges of Africa was discussed at CIU

A seminar on the current business opportunities and challenges of Africa was organized by the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Cyprus International University (CIU).

Prof. Dr. Danbala Danju, the former Managing Director of the Nigerian Agricultural Bank gave information about the economic developments of Africa, the challenges of getting opportunities, the developing political environment and the rich natural resources.

Prof. Dr. Danbala Danju said the African continent has an economy that is rising and growing faster than 40 years ago. According to Prof. Dr. Danbala Danju, Africa has grown by 10% over the last 10 years, according to the average countries, and this prevents extreme poverty. Prof. Dr. Danbala Danju noted that if Africa continues to grow, gross domestic product (GDP) per capita will be about 45% by 2060. Prof. Dr. Danbala Danju noted increase in economic volume is better than the previous years.

Prof. Dr. Danbala Danju stated that the main problems are caused by the management of the African government since these problems are a necessity to comply with the financial program, poor sector management and he also said that surveillance creates functional problems.

Prof. Dr. Danbala Danju said grain, minerals and newly discovered oil deposits granted to Africa also reflected the importance of funding the main functional segments of top-level occupational groups and the importance of the provision of resources.

Last updated: 10-01-2018