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“Current Developments in Land Registry and Land Registry Law” conference was held at CIU

The Faculty of Law of Cyprus International University (CIU) and Law Club organized a conference titled “Current Developments in Land Registry and Land Registry Law.”

Dr. Haluk Saruhan the Şanlıurfa Land Office Director in Turkey, gave information to students about the laws and land registry by explaining the current developments and problems encountered in the land registry law within the last ten years.

Saruhan explained that a deed is an official document showing the ownership of a land or immovable property and that the deed is a process of registering some rights to the land registry, i.e. the government authority.

He said the Land Registry and Cadastre have a very special place in the application of law. Saruhan himself, as a lawyer and law doctor, pointed out that the title deed and cadasters should be chosen by lawyers.

Haluk Saruhan mentioned that in an environment where the economy is evaluated only on real estate, the title deed and cadastre are both the managers and guardians of the property. Also it is very important for the General Directorate of the Land Registry and Cadastre to register the deed transactions on a regular basis.

Saruhan also reminded students that there is a huge difference between theory and practice and that they need to put into practice the theoretical knowledge they have learned.

Last updated: 15-05-2019