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‘’Coping with exam anxiety’’ themed seminar was arranged in CIU

‘’Coping with exam anxiety’’ themed seminar was arranged before the mid-term exams by Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center in Cyprus International University (CIU).

In that seminar,which was performed in Çevik Uraz Conferance Hall, Psychologist Eylül Dirençay expressed the techniques of coping with the negative emotions and thoughts that happen because of the exam anxiety.

Psychologist Eylül Dirençay, who gives counseling to the CIU students, told that a person creates the exam anxiety with himself and belittles his capacity when he over estimates the exam. Dirençay said that it’s not the exam which makes a person anxious, it’s the meaning attribution to the result of the it. She continued her words with ‘’ You should focus to the exam and convince yourselves that you can be successful instead of being anxious.’’

Long-term anxiety is useless

Psychologist Eylül Dirençay uttered that a person cannot be successful with an anxiety so it’s the most positive way to accept the problem and get used to it. Dirençay said that ‘’ If I fail the exam’’ of ‘’ My study is not enough’’ are the thoughts that effect a person negatively and instead of thinking of like this,the rest of the time should be utilized in a good way.

‘Everyone should study in a planned and programmed way’

Psychologist Eylül Dirençay mentioned about the techniques of efficient study. She cited that it is very important for people to study in an area that they feel comfortable and to keep their attention focused. She also pointed that a person should organize and plan what he/she is going to study before starting to do it. She also added that people should study when they feel themselves efficient and it is essential to make this technique as a habit and apply it all times.

Last updated: 18-07-2016