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International Cyprus University (CIU) Faculty of Pharmacy Professor Dr. Osman Özdemir gave  conferences in 8 provinces of Turkey during 2016 because of the agreement between Sandoz Pharmaceutical Company and CIU.

 He gave conferences in İzmir, Adana, Gaziantep, Kayseri, Konya, Antalya, Samsun and Mersin. He discussed the quality, efficacy and safety aspects of medication during these conferences.

“The function of the major pharmacists is changing”

Professor Dr. Osman Özdemir mentioned at conferences that every field is changing in today's world. He added that there are changes in the field of pharmacy and that the function of the major pharmacists has changed. He said that the drug authority do not accept the quality in whether the originality or the generic of the medicines and that monitoring of each production should be done by the pharmacist.

Lecturer of the Faculty of Pharmacy Professor Dr. Osman Özdemir, spoke about the effectiveness in medicine. He explained the importance of monitoring the use of the medicine by the physician and pharmacist after the medicines are prescribed by the doctor. He said “Because the drug authority also wants to monitor the effectiveness of the drug. The reason is that if the drug is ineffective, this ineffectivity must be corrected.

There are beneficial effects of drugs as well as harmful effects"

Faculty of Pharmacy lecturer Professor Dr. Osman Özdemir, indicated  that the drugs have beneficial effects as well as harmful effects and while a doctor writes medicine he or she also considers the benefits and harm to the patient. Prof.Dr Özdemir also added that, without paying attention to this, prescribing drugs may undesirable effects on treatment doses and 

"If such a situation is encountered, the Pharmacovigilance Association and the related company should be informed. Physicians, pharmacists, dentists and nurses are obliged to do these things, "he said.






Last updated: 09-02-2017