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The  conference of ‘Designing the knowledge: Infographic’ was organized by Fine Arts, Projection and Architecture Faculty and Graphic Design at Cyprus International University (CIU).

Students’ attention was intensive to the event that is achieved at Çevik Uraz Conference Hall. The instructor, Assistant Professor Doctor Banu İnanç Uyan Dur attended to the conference as a speechmaker.

‘Giving the number means reality

Banu İnanç Uyan Dur told that, in the field of Infographic, data graphics are important and the people trust on the numbers. Assistant Professor Doctor Dur told that, ‘When the knowledge is given according to the numbers, it is more possible to raise the belief of rate. Giving the numbers mean also the reality, so that data graphics are very important. We, as designers, can transform the data graphics according to us.’

‘In order to understand the knowledge, visualization is necessary.’

         Dr. Banu İnanç Uyan Dur, who emphasize in order to understand the knowledge, visualization is necessary, cited that infographic is a multidisciplinary field. Banu İnanç Dur uttered that, data visualization with award, which is, Valentino De Filippo’s graphic example, which is related with the losts from the war at 20th century, and also Fillipo didn’t use any kind of graphic and she exhibited different Infographic.

Dur told that, the people who died during the Second World War, exhibit the form of blood flowers.


Dur who told that, Infographic includes, writing, photograph, map, illustration and data graphic and she described Infographic that ‘to present the visuals efficiently in order to perceive complicated knowledge and durations easily.’ Banu İnanç Uyan Dur, ‘ the aim of the Infographic is to persuade people to an idea and to direct their perceptions. Before the Infographic studies, there need to be done a research deeply. Our aim should be that, to produce functional things but not esthetic things.’

The conference ended with the introducing of appreciation plate to the instructor of Beykent University, Assistant Professor Doctor Banu İnanç Uyan Dur.

Last updated: 15-07-2016