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A conference about “ creative writing: concept and basic principles” was held at Cyprus International University

A conference about “ creative writing: concept and basic principles” within the certificate program “Creative Writing Workshop”, which was held for the first time in Cyprus, with the collaboration of CIUCCE (Cyprus International University continuing education centre) and faculty of Fine Arts was given at CIU by Prof. Dr. Aysu Erden from İstanbul Haliç University.

The dean of faculty of Fine Arts Prof. Dr. Metin Karadağ, The director of the workshop Asst. Prof. Dr. Mihrican Aylanç, lots of academicians and students attended to the conference which was held at “Cevik Uraz conference hall”.


“ Creative writing is the act of creating individual universe”


Aysu Erden indicated that creative writing is the act of creating individual universe and added that this universe consists in the direction of hyperdimensional and interrelated systems.

She said that readers are a part of creative writing and while maintaining the idea of literary creativity they also continue to their lives.She also mentioned that  within the creative idea we can benefit from images and make connections between minds. She said that each reader takes a journey to find those images hidden deep into the large part of the text in conjunction with “iceberg” theory.


Reseach and observation indicates a lot of importance in consitute.

Academician Erden has said that: “research and observation indicates a lot of importance in consitute for the authors because an author is a person who should show attention and interest upon a person. A theatre actor or actress can take role on other characters. An author has the ability of creating many different events and plots.” To be able to write which is based on talence, however, the authors can develop this talence through creativity. They can see what most can’t see. They can hear what most people can’t hear.

Prof. Doc. Aysu Erden has paid attention to the subject on, in creativity authority. The events which have been lived through and questioned, to learn about others life, and to edit them. Creative people can discover themselves, and these people are adventurous and idealistic people.

“ Style is the authorities eco of his or her’s personality and voice.”

Prof Doc. Eden has said that: “ the style of writing is based upon the authorities eco of his or her’s personality. To write creativity the importance of choice of the sentence types, to produce new words and of its speech is emphasised.

“Creative writing workshops” certificate’s second guest Prof. Doc. Aysu Erden she has put through her information with in application, and showed it in a theme and she wanted her audience to write a short story as following the creativity principles in mind. Then the short stories which were written by the audience were collected by Erden to be later read and evaluated.

This activity which was held in the Art and Science Faculty, and it ended with a thank-giving tactics plague what was given by the Dean Prof. Dr. Metin Karadağ to Prof. Dr. Aysu Erden.


Last updated: 13-10-2017