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A colorful exhibit by CIU Faculty of Education

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A colorful exhibit by CIU Faculty of Education

The final projects, which were prepared by the students of Pre-school teaching department at the faculty of Education, attracted the attention. 

In the scope of Educational Material Desing and Creativity courses, this project will help the learners improve their creative thinking.


Educational materials and posters were displayed

Not only did the students, but also the dean of the Faculty of Education Prof. Dr. Muhittin TUS and the head of Pre-School Teaching department Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elif BOZCAN participated in the exhibit. There were many materials such as masks, cloth filled sausage, sensorimotor books, educational materials and posters at the exhibit.


The posters, which were designed by the students of Pre-School teaching department, were created by the co-ordination of Lecturers Nihan KORAN and Yucel YAZGIN.

The exhibition helps the teacher canditates’ educational development.


The coordinator of the project Yucel YAZGIN, who is a lecturer at Pre-School Teaching depatrment, said that the students were given 4 weeks to create these materials. She also stated that this project helped the teacher canditates’ educational development. The materials were totally created by the students, she said. This situation will help teacher candidates’ to improve their educational, sensorimotor and creative skills. 

Last updated: 01-02-2017