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CIU’s New Talents Exhibited New Photos

"New Talents Photography Exhibition" was organized by the Department of Visual Communication Design, Faculty of Communication, Cyprus International University (CIU) within the scope of the Photography Course.

Prof. Dr. Nadiri mentioned that the study is not only the content of one lesson and he added that it is very beneficial in terms of discovering the capabilities of students at the same time during his opening speech. He also pointed out that it is important that the exhibition has become traditional in terms of the continuation of the education.

Prof. Dr. Nadiri  announced that the photographs that are entitled to be exhibited will be published on the university’s website and he added that it will be an important memory for exhibiters by providing this continuity with new photographs to be added every year. Nadiri stated that it is pleasing that participation was high and he thanked for Metin Çolak, who has given great efforts to open the exhibition, and for the students whose photographs were exhibited.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Metin Çolak, the Head of the Visual Communication Design Department, Faculty of Communication stated that they work on a free theme this year and they organized photo visits to various parts of Northern Cyprus during the semester.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Çolak said majority of the photos on the exhibition were from the photographs taken on these trips and he stated that there were over 90 photographs at this year's 5th exhibition.

Çolak explained they studied how to take a successful photograph as part of their basic photography experience and the courses.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Metin Çolak pointed out that such exhibitions are extremely important to discover new talents and encourage interest in photography and he added that the students, who come from the point of photography art, have taken their first serious steps in photography art with their exhibitions.

Last updated: 21-06-2018