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CIU's Journal of Folklore/Literature accepted into the International Exclusive Journals List (ICI Journals Master List)

Folklore/literature, a quarterly journal of Cyprus International University, continues its rapid development. Prof. Dr. Metin Karadağ, editor of the journal and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, stated that they have been included in about 40 national and universal indexes in the last two years with the new arrangements and facilities provided. He said that they have signed a cooperation agreement with EBSCO and he stated that they have taken an active part in respectable indexes such as SCOPUS and DOAJ. Therefore, the name of the TRNC and the CIU are enhanced around the world.

Karadağ stated that with increasing elimination in the quality of articles, the prestige of the journal in scientific circles has been increased and he said on December 18, 2018, they received an acceptance letter from the Master List to the ICI Journals Master List. Karadağ stated that he is very happy that the scientific/academic level of the journal has been found positive as a result of the examination of the editions in the last ten years and he said “Our main goal is to be listed in indexes at higher levels and to have a bright place in the history of higher education.” Karadağ pointed out that on the other hand, the number of articles quota of 2019 is almost full and he said that the higher administration of CIU will support different and large-scale activities due to the fact that the journal will reach the 100th issue next year.

Last updated: 24-01-2019