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The 89th issue of the International Folklore / Literature of the internationally renowned academic / scientific journal of the International University of Cyprus (UKU) has been published with innovations.

 Professor of the Faculty of Science and Literature of the CIU, who is the Editor-in-Chief and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. Dr. Metin Montenegro said that the magazine included innovations and changes in the new issue. Expressing that they are striving to achieve a respectable academic identity with a new cover design and publication rules aiming to achieve a different and academically advanced level, Karadağ expressed that they are targeting a more specific structure by restricting the field of the magazine to eight sciences. After various audit softwares, he said that the magazine was spent on the premiers of the academic units of the CIU. Dr. Montenegro emphasized that appropriate articles could be published with at least two referee approvals.

"Our main goal is to take place in SSCI and AHCI records"


Folklor / Literature Magazine's 89th issue of the publication of the international DOI records, indicating that the articles. Dr. Metin Karadağ added that Folklore / Literature Magazine also participated in Crossreff, which is the citation index of international academic journals. Director of Folklore / Literature Editor and Editor Dr. Montenegro stressed that, in addition to the existing index screening units, Montenegro is the main targets for inclusion in the SSCI (social science citation index) and AHCI (art and human science citation index) records.

"I sincerely thank the CIU family who has supported our past for many years"

International Cypriot University, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Literature Dr. Metin Karadağ emphasized that the presence of a magazine in internationally respected scientific indexes in the near future will be an extremely important achievement not only for the UK, but also for the higher education on the island and the existence of the TRNC. Montenegro underlined that the CIU family is the main safeguard for the achievement of ambitious targets such as taking part in SSCI and AHCI records. Folklore / Literature Review Editor-in-Chief and Editor Dr. Metin Montenegro expressed satisfaction with the CIU family's interest in the magazine and said, "I sincerely thank the CIU's top management for years, our academics for their valuable scholars, who have not provided any reservations, and the CIU academic staff."

Last updated: 20-02-2017