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CIU's Academician has posted a message on October 4th for the World Animal Protection Day

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CIU's Academician has posted a message on October 4th for the World Animal Protection Day

Gizem Kurtcu Academician and the Member of the CIU Animal Protection Club, the Cyprus International University (CIU) posted a message due to a World Animal Protection Day.

Kurtcu stated that informative articles have been published about the benefits of animals, feeding, care and living conditions in almost every country in the world because of 4th October World Animal Protection Day.

Kurtcu expressed that today, 7 billion people live on the earth, and in 2050, this figure is going to be about 10 billion. She added that "People multiply, but the situation for living species outside us is the opposite. Rapidly growing population, destruction of landscapes, destruction of natural areas, illegal hunting and trade are disturbing the balance of wildlife." Academician Gizem Kurtcu attracted attention that animals become extinct progressively under the bad living conditions. She said that "In short, while we are multplying, the number of other living things that we share at our planet is rapidly decreasing."


Underlining that there are many undiscovered varieties of our planet's, Kurtcu continued: But there is something obvious. We are rapidly losing our current values. For this reason, the Day of the World Animal Protection on 4th October is very important not only to remember the animals we see, but also to remember that all animals exist on earth that also have the right to live.

Gizem Kurtcu: Don’t Buy it, Adopt it

Academician Gizem Kurtcu, Member of the CIU Animal Protection Club stated that "I have something to say both to my relatives and to my students. Do not buy it, adopt it. Outside we have many friends, who need our help and our love, so do not go and buy it." Kurtcu mentioned that if the care and feeding of the animal will not be dealt with, it should not be purchased. She added that "Do not buy, maybe someone else can take care of them better." Kurtcu suggested that we should visit animal shelters at least once a month, "Let's raise our children with animal love. In this way, our children will be both responsible and able to make future generations more sensitive. "

Last updated: 11-10-2017