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CIUCEC Ottoman Language Course was completed

The "Ottoman Easy Texts I" language course was held in collaboration with the Cyprus International University Continuing Education Centre (CIUCEC) and Hayrât Foundation.

The Ottoman language course, which was conducted by Vahap Gültekin, Hayrât Foundation Cyprus Representative, was completed at the end of two months and the students were presented their certificates. At the certificate ceremony, students were presented a “Certificate of Success” by and Vahap Gültekin.

Vahap Gültekin, course trainer, who made a speech during the certificate ceremony, pointed out the richness and importance of the Ottoman language and archive and he stated that CIUCEC’s "Ottoman Easy Texts I and II" courses will continue in the following days.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Adalıer, the Director of the CIUCEC emphasized the importance of the continuing education in the development of the country and society and he gave the information that the university will continue to offer both career development and personal development programmes for civil servants, private sector and students.

Last updated: 26-03-2018