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CIU will host Orhan Deligöz, AKP Erzurum Member of Parliament

Orhan Deligöz, AKP Erzurum Member of Parliament will be the guest of CIU to deliver a seminar on “Where There is Water, There is Life.”

At the event, which will be held at the Çevik Uraz Conference Hall, Orhan Deligöz AK Party Erzurum Member of Parliament will give explanations about water which is one of the most current issues of the country.

Orhan Deligöz, who is a member of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs Commission and at the same time a member of the State Economic Enterprises Commission, will deliver his speech on Friday, March 23 at 14:30.

Orhan Deligöz, AK Party Member of Parliament, who will deliver his speech at the event organized by the Environmental Engineering Club affiliated to the Social Activities Co-ordinator of the Student Development and Counselling Centre (SDCC) of CIU, is the 26th term Erzurum Member of Parliament.

Orhan Deligöz, graduated from the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Erzurum Atatürk University and he has a Master’s Degree in the field of Economic History from Ankara University.


Last updated: 23-03-2018