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CIU will Host "The Knowledge and Skill Competition between the Vocational High Schools"

Cyprus International University (CIU) will host "The Knowledge and Skill Competition between the Vocational High Schools" which is organized by the Vocational Technical Education Office, the Ministry of National Education and Culture annually. The Vocational High School students will compete in 5 different categories as Information Web Design, Electrical Installation, Electric Control, Electronics and Hair Care.

Gjinali stated that the competition had been held in the high schools for the last 3 years and he said that as a Department of Hair Care and Beauty Services Department, they suggested to the officials of the Ministry that the competition should be held at the universities and during the competition, a service equipped with the latest technologies in the workshops will be provided as a result of the acceptance of the proposal. Gjinali said "During this year’s competition, students will compete in the field of haircut, set and bun taking into account the current trends and models". Assist. Prof. Dr. Müesser Nat, the Head of the Department of the Applied Sciences, Management Information Systems stated that the students, who will compete in the field of "Information Web Design" will develop a website, which the industry need today, by using the latest website design and coding techniques.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Öztoprak, a Lecturer of the Faculty of Engineering said that the event that will be held in science and technology building will play a role in measuring information, analysis and synthesis skills in electrical design and will be a competition for all high school students.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ziya Dereboylu, a Lecturer of the Faculty of Engineering stated that students in the "Electrical Installations" competition are expected to measure their readiness according to the new electricity regulation which was applied at the beginning of the year. Dereboylu also stated that it is also aimed at implementing "high-powered devices" in the field of "Electric Control" by students with signal strength control at lower powers.

Last updated: 09-05-2018