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CIU Tourism Management PhD Program Starts

The Tourism Management Doctorate program affiliated to the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Cyprus International University (CIU) has opened. The program, which aims to educate academic staff in the field of Tourism and Hotel Management, also aims to train and develop candidates who would like to specialize in the field of Tourism Management, who want to enrich themselves within the labor intensive sector, and to contribute to the sector with tourism literature.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Orhan Uludağ, the Director of the School of Tourism Management of CIU, stated that there is a need for academic staff trained in the field of Tourism and Hotel Management and he said that the Doctorate Program in Tourism Management is designed to fill this gap. Uludag mentioned that the program is for candidates who had an education in the tourism, business administration, and management fields.

Uludağ stated that they present both theoretical and practical methods in the field of Tourism and Management in the Tourism Management Programme with a holistic approach and they formed a network based on cooperation between the academic world and tourism sector.
Uludağ pointed out that the library and the institute provide online and offline databases for the students to complete their academic research or theses and he mentioned that they can use the existing databases and other rich resources throughout the university.

Uludağ said the students of the program specialize in Tourism Management and Hotel Management Doctorate Program and he stated that the programme also includes business courses focused on tourism and hospitality.

Uludağ mentioned that the most distinctive feature of the program is that it aims to educate effective leaders in the academic field of tourism that have developed human relations and are fully equipped. Uludağ stated that students can find employment opportunities at universities, educational institutions, technopolise, and international consultancy companies after graduation.

Last updated: 25-02-2019