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CIU teaching member made a statement about human rights day

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CIU teaching member made a statement about human rights day

Cyprus International University (CIU) faculty of Law vice-dean Assistant professor Şölen Külahçı made a statement about International human rights due to the 58th anniversary of the day.

Emerging as a result of a struggle for centuries, Assistant Professor Şölen Külahçı reminds of the anniversary of the 10th december of the international human rights day, which is the 58th year of the recognition of the rights that are congenital and equal in human beings, human honor in all contemporary societies, which is based on universal values such as freedom, equality and solidarity and she emphasized that it was based on democracy and rule of law.

Human rights issue, Like all countries, Külahçı constituted that it is the most important agenda of the Northern Cyprus, and also she underlined that the task of protecting human rights is not only a task that governments can achieve. Vice Dean Assistant Professor Külahçı, indicated that all organizations require co-operation of all people, she expressed the importance of the consciousness of human rights in this framework and the sense of responsibility necessary for the full application of human rights to be found in society and in all people.

“I celebrate the human rights day”

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law, Asst. Prof. Şölen Külahcı,who expresses that the only duty of the state in the fundamental rights and freedoms protected by the constitution and the law in Northern Cyprus is to maximize the human rights without political, economic and cultural purposes,“With this consciousness, I congratulate you on your 10 December Human Rights Day, on the right to life which is inherently inheritable and indispensable, and interconnected and non-separable; the prohibition of slavery and angry, the freedom to live in freedom and security, the freedom of thought, conscience and religion, the right to fair tribunal, the right to innocence and defense, the right to abuse of rights.”


Last updated: 21-12-2016