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A CIU Summer Academy Continues Without Slowing Down

The International Summer Academy, which is held at Cyprus International University (CIU) 8th time this year, continues by the attendance of a large number of students from different nationalities and age groups. At the CIU Summer Academy, which is organized by the School of Foreign Languages and International Promotion Office for international students, will run until August 17th. There are many students from different countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Belarus and Uzbekistan.

Berna Ozansoy, the Coordinator of the International Summer Academy of Cyprus International University pointed out that students participate in many activities along with the English language courses and she stated that students gain knowledge about the local culture through the trips organized by the guides to Famagusta, Kyrenia and Nicosia as part of the Summer Academy.

Ozansoy mentioned that students have the opportunity to get to know North Cyprus closely and she also stated that various activities such as yacht tour, sports, arts and music were organized for students. Ozansoy said that "Our goal is to provide English education and also provide students satisfaction."

Berna Ozansoy stated that the CIU Summer Academy is a useful program for both improving the English language and promoting Northern Cyprus and she also stated that students from different countries and cultures came together as a result of the social and cultural events.

Last updated: 17-07-2018