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CIU Students informed about Social Anxiety Disorder

Huriye Koruşan, an Psychologist of the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center (PCGC) affiliated to the Student Development and Counseling Center Directorate (SDCC), Cyprus International University (CIU), informed students about "Social Anxiety Disorder".

Huriye Koruşan stated that talking with people, interacting, and communicating with people are among the most basic needs and she explained that anxiety disorder may be caused by past experiences, genetic factors, stress, and family modelling. Koruşan also stated that sometimes people may experience anxiety due to their social environment. Koruşan stated that anxiety can be defined as all the worries and physical symptoms that an individual experiences and almost everyone had a concern or tension at least once in their life.

Koruşan said anxiety is not always negative, and she said "Anxiety should be in our lives, it protects us against dangers and it is a normal and an emotional reaction that stimulates us to escape threats."

Koruşan stated that in addition to daily anxiety, there are also  many sub-headings that can be defined as anxiety disorders, listing these as panic disorders, specific phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social anxiety disorder, which is the most well known one.

Koruşan stated that social anxiety disorder is the most common and known type of these disorders and she said students with this kind of disorder can get professional support from the CIU PCGC .

Koruşan mentioned that the event was organised so that individuals who have social anxiety disorder feel that they are not alone and they also aimed to raise awareness within the university.


Last updated: 08-01-2019