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CIU students carried out their first nature walk of the spring semester

Spring semesters first nature walk was held in cooperation with Search and Rescue (SAR), Nature Sports Club and School of Physical Education and Sports of Cyprus International University (CIU). 

Students from CIU took a short walk on the Tatlısu track, at the event named “Easy Access Long Walk”, which was organized by the CIU SAR and Nature Sports Club affiliated to the CIU Student Development and Counseling Center (SDCC).

Hasan Özenkaya, Sports Trainer and SAR and Nature Sports Club Advisor, said the nature walk was important to motivate students to live a healthy life, and to introduce students to a wide range of vegetation in Northern Cyprus.

CIU students had a chance to meet Mr. Mustafa Akıncı, the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Tufan Erhürman, the Prime Minister, during the walk on the Tatlısu track and took pictures to immortalize their memories. 

Gamze Atay, SDCC Director accompanied the students from CIU who participated in the 4th Tatlısu Culture and Arts Festival. The event ended as students enjoyed themselves at the festival area after the walk.

Last updated: 09-05-2019