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CIU Students came together with Sector Representatives at 4th Career Days

 “4th Career Days and Fair”  organized by Alumni Relations and Career Research Center, Cyprus International University (CIU) started to contribute to student development and career planning.

Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, the Rector, stated that career planning is essential in life and being a professional is not limited to the education taken from the university. He pointed out that the right career planning is important. Nadiri recalled that the business world is based on a competition. He recommended students to follow innovations in their profession and that they should be open to lifelong learning.

Cemal Özyiğit, the Minister of National Education and Culture, explained that students need to plan their future by guiding their lives through the education and knowledge gained during their university studies. Minister Özyiğit pointed out that the university period is one of the important turning points in people's life, and that the right steps play an important role in determining their future. Özyiğit also recalled that universities play a big role in bring together the Turkish Cypriot community and the rest of the world, and that international accreditations play an important role here.

Uğur Ergün, the Young Businessmen Associations President, stated that there are difficulties in business life. He said, “When difficulties arise, you should see them as an opportunity to develop.” Ergün mentioned that there are two basic skills that employers are looking for and he listed them as problem solving and leadership. Ergün also advised students to explore their potential and work to achieve their dreams.

Semral Erel, a Deputy Chairman of the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce stated that a career is an endless development path, which is all of the experiences gained throughout the work life of an individual. Erel stated that career days create great opportunities for students, and that entrepreneurship should be encouraged in society.

In his speech, Atilla Bulancak, a member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Industry (KTSO), advised students to be versatile. They should not limit themselves to their CGPAs, but should also work continuously, do an internship and establish good relations during their internship or work life. Bulancak pointed out that reference are crucial in a job application, and that the students should accumulate references by giving importance to their personal development.

The 4th Career Days, which was organized to increase the knowledge and skills of CIU students and contribute to employment opportunities after graduation, continued with the speeches of the guests, who were experts in their professions, after the opening ceremony.

Last updated: 20-05-2019