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CIU Student Muzaffer Aksoy Features In the Film “Bana Bir Soygun Yaz 2”

Muzaffer Aksoy, a student from the Department of Radio and Television, Faculty of Communication, Cyprus International University, took part in the comedy-action- film “Bana Bir Soygun Yaz 2”, which was directed by Murat Toktamışoğlu in İstanbul and Cyprus.

Muzaffer Aksoy was alongside Şafak Sezer, Hasan Elmas, Umut Oğuz, Çetin Altay, Melda Arat and Gülhan Tekin. Muzaffer Aksoy stated that he had been involved in several projects previously and he pointed out that he has been acting as an active player in the CIU Theater Club for years. Aksoy, who played a rich African businessman, said the director gave him a suitable role and he said he was happy to receive nice reactions from the actors and the set team.

Last updated: 09-01-2019