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CIU chairman of the board of trustees Mete Boyacı, the president Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, the rector assisstants assoc. Prof Ahmet Adalıer, and assoc. Prof. Serkan Abbasoğlu, the Rector consultant assoc. Prof. Mehmet Toycan, General Secretary assoc. Erbuğ Çelebi and the academic and administrative staff were all present at the new year cocktail which took place at Picobelle Bar.


The president prof. Dr.Halil Nadiri, who gave a short speech at the event, said that he hoped 2017 brings peace, happiness and well-being. Nadiri has also expressed his gratitude to CIU staff for the effort they had made throughout the year. He said that CIU has become a dynamic university that expands and improves each year and that he believes that due to hard work it is going to be even better. At the end of his speech he celebrated the new year of CIU family.


The academic and the administrative staff of CIU welcomed 2017 with great motivation accompanied by live DJ performance.


Last updated: 20-01-2017