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The Photovoltaic Power Station Project, which is commenced in 2014 by the Director of the Sustainable Energy Research Center and Vice President of CIU Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu, has been concluded.

A Project Which Sets a Universal Example

Covering an area of 14 thousand square meters on CIU premises not only the largest sustainable energy project in Northern Cyprus, but also what constitutes an example of universal scale. In Cyprus the Solar Power Panels are usually installed with a single type plan configuration, which is a universal practice. However, in the context of the present project, solar power panels were installed in 4 different mounting types, namely on a level roof, an inclined roof, in a field, and on carports.

Declaring the total expenditure of the project to amount to 1.5 million Euros, Director of the Sustainable Energy Research Center, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu, explained that they had undertaken substantial data and feasibility analyses prior to setting up the project, with the analyses figuring in a study published in “Solar Energy”, the most respectable journal within the domain of solar power. Abbasoğlu said “We undertook some very sensitive measurements, various analyses, and evaluated the “Know-how” thus obtained at the new data center which we established. People with technical know-how, investors and academicians who are interested in this matter may find out more about our work in the published article”.

Pointing out that the project constituting a natural laboratory specifically for engineering students was at the service of universities established in Cyprus through its monitoring centers. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu informed that the project which established an example for many projects was visited by authorities from many countries including Pakistan, USA, Iran, China, and Turkey.

350 thousand kilowatts for the Northern Cyprus Power Transmission Line

Abbasoğlu indicated that 4,131 panels were set up, and 350 thousand kilowatts of the generated power would be transferred to the Northern Cypriot power transmission line thus contributing 200,000 TL annually to the Northern Cypriot economy.

Taking an active role as consultant for solar power projects such as the projects administered by the Civil Defense Organization and by the Middle Eastern Technical University among many others, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu indicated that Sustainable Energy Research Center consults to enterprises who wished to invest in solar energy projects.


Aim is the very first green campus on the island

Informing that the electricity generated by the Solar Power Station met 80% of electricity consumed during daytime at CIU, Vice President Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serkan Abbasoğlu said “Through this project and other environmentally friendly practices, we are advancing towards the aim of becoming the very first green campus in Northern Cyprus. Environment will continue to occupy a central part in all our currently ongoing and future investments”.


Last updated: 15-07-2016