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CIU Orientation Days Started

Welcoming Students and Orientation Days began due to the student registration for Spring Semester 2017-2018 at Cyprus International University (CIU).

Telsim is the main sponsor of the CIU Orientation Days organized by the Social Activities Coordination Office of the Student Development and Counselling Centre. The orientation program for newly enrolled students aims facilitating the process of adaptation to the university and Northern Cyprus. Orientation days which started with the student's welcome; includes cultural city tours, the introduction of university facilities and fun activities.

Students, who will be informed by the university lecturers during the orientation days; visit Nicosia 16th February, Kyrenia 17th February and Famagusta 24th February in order to get to know Northern Cyprus.

In addition to promotional trips, there will also be activities to ensure that students start university life motivated.

There will be a winter ball to introduce and harmonise students and faculty. Orientation presentation will be done to inform students about the services and facilities of the CIU campus and various activities will be done such as a movie night.

Last updated: 09-02-2018