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CIU Organizes the first Science-Culture-Art days

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CIU Organizes the first Science-Culture-Art days

The first Science-Culture-Art days are organized by the Faculty of Science and Literature at CIU.

The event, which welcomes students and the public, will be held on the 7th, 8th and 9th of December. 

According to the announcement which was made by the dean of the faculty, Rectorate of CIU is planning to traditionalize these events to enlighten students and the public on the issues such as culture, science and art.

 ‘The first Art-Science-Culture Days” programmed by the faculty of Art and Science’s with psychology and Turkish Literature departments adacemic staff and students’ participation is going to be arranged on the 7th of December, at 14:30 which is stated by the Yrd. Associate Professor Mihrican Aylaç. The programme will start with the presentation of “The Realization of Mindfulness Consciousness,” by an instructure Associate Professor Zümra Atalay from Istanbul, in Turkey. Yrd Associate Professor Aylanç also a second important area of Turcology on the 8th of December, at 10:30. On this programme “Cultural Turkish Poetry Approach” panel will be presented too. Aylançi at this panel says that, an Associate Professor Emel Kefeli from 29 Mayıs University, Istanbul, “Cultural Identity and Poetry,” Professor Ömür Ceylan, “Classic Cultures Sentence Door: Sofas” titled presentations will meet the students.

      Mihrican Aylanç stated that the event will end with the signing of Haydar Ergülen’s books  on December 9, at 14.30. Haydar Ergülen is also known as one of the most powerful representatives of contemporary Turkish poetry by his researcher identity on poetry, art theory and methods, as well as a strong poet personality. Lecturer Ass.. prof  Aylanç stated that they believe that the  event will be welcomed with interest and they are very happy to invite all their students and art lovers to our event. "

Last updated: 08-12-2016