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CIU, organized a technical trip for the Agriculture Technology students, Güzelyurt Vocational High School

Agricultural Science and Technology Faculty, Cyprus International University (CIU) organized a technical trip for the Agricultural Technology students, Güzelyurt Vocational High School.

Students were informed about the purpose and capacities of analytical devices in the Science and Technology Center, CIU and after that they visited the greenhouse, garden, animal production farms, olive and wine processing facilities at the university’s premises and they have the opportunity to examine vegetables, fruits and animal products produced on-site.

Erdinç Cambaz, Agricultural Technology student of Güzelyurt Vocational High School stated that CIU campus is a colourful university with a vivid and spacious landscape and a green colour and the technical trips organized are very functional and the laboratories are technologically advanced.

Cambaz noted that in addition to the information they receive from the schools they have trained in, they will also be able to improve their technical knowledge through beekeeping practices in the greenhouses of CIU.

Osman Yanaroğlu, Agricultural Technological Field Teacher, Güzelyurt Vocational High School pointed out that the labs that were visited showed that the food inspections had been done and highlighted that the needs arising from not carrying out these analyses in northern Cyprus would be eliminated.

Dr. Bulancak, "CIU is the only university that offers an application for animal breeding"

Dr. Aysen Bulancak, Lecturer of the Faculty of Agriculture Sciences and Technology, CIU noted that the candidates were shown the full capacity of CIU in agricultural production.

Bulancak stated that candidate students should know the potential of the university they will choose when they make their choices. She gave information about the internship opportunities offered with the animal production farm, garden, greenhouses, olives and wine processing facilities in the scope of the CIU.

Dr. Bulancak noted that CIU is the only university that offers an opportunity for practice especially at animal breeding farms.

Last updated: 10-01-2018