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CIU organized a Private Seminar to New Students accompanied by Expert Psychologisits

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CIU organized a Private Seminar to New Students accompanied by Expert Psychologisits

Cyprus International University Psychological Counselling and Guidance Center (PCGC) organized an adaptation seminar on Univeristy Life. The seminar took place in the presence of Expert Psychologist Çise Haşimoğulları and Expert Psychologist Huriye Koruşan.

The CIU, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center has organized the seminar to provide information on issues such as adaptation of newly enrolled students to the university environment, personal development, psychological conditions and awareness. Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center Psychologist Çise Haşimoğulları stated that the students had taken a big step towards their life by coming to the university. Ms Haşimoğulları, emphasized that adaptation is a process, and this is a difficult process for the students as speaking of the fact that students will be in new environments with new people as they start the university.

The CIU, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center Expert Psychologist Huriye Koruşan, stated that the process of being unable to adapt to the new environment is extremely normal when you have just begun to a university, she also noted that students feel themselves alone in the first days, it is natural to miss the family and to make their feelings extremely intense.

Depending on these, Koruşan drew attention that pessimism, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, and even physical complaints may be experienced, she underlined that such emotional changes will eventually disappear spontaneously after a while. Expert Psychologist Huriye Koruşan pointed out that the students have personal and social responsibilities they have to take in university years, and she noted: There are many personal and social responsibilities.

She said that students should be able to manage their money, cook meals, keep their place clean, obey the rules of the country and adapt to life with others, and make friends with different cultures and different habits. Koruşan also stated that it is important to have communication and problem solving skills to keep social and personal relations in balance, she also added that students could also experience some physical and emotional negativities.

Expert Psychologist Huriye Koruşan stated that some adaptation problems may occur, for example in the order of; insomnia, loss of appetite, unexpected emotional reactions, difficulties in focusing and remembering may occur in relation to the problem of adjustment.

The CIU, Psychological Counselor Çise Haşimoğulları mentioned that students should not forget that their physical reactions as well as their thoughts and feelings can affect the adaptation process.

She emphasized that, we should notice our reactions to the new environment and the individuals in the environment, she also emphasized that in this way we can deal with ourselves better. Expert Psychologist Çise Haşimoğulları also explained that students may experience unwillingness while attending to classes, meeting new people, and they may also feel unwilling to do things that they have enjoyed doing before.


In order to adapt to the university, Haşimoğulları recommended students to communicate with students who have similar characteristics to each other, to greet people during lectures in the classroom, or to participate in social activities, and join student clubs on campus. Haşimoğulları, mentioned that CIU student clubs will be active as of October, stating that there are dancing, diving, English, music, photography, psychology, theater clubs, and so on. Cyprus International University (CIU), Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center (PCGC) Expert Psychologist Çise Haşimoğulları added that: During university life, you should be able to pass your requests, feelings and thoughts positively to others, in other words, you need to be able to protect your own rights. Haşimoğulları also stated that students should have the ability to communicate positively in order for all of this to happen, thus conveyed to the students that they might be in harmony with the people.

Expert Psychologist Huriye Koruşan informed the students that they should be realistic about their goals and she conveyed to the students that they could communicate with the academic staff in academic matters and the Student Development and Counseling Center in personal and social matters.

When students need psychological support, she said that they are available in the library building on the second floor of the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center.


Last updated: 29-09-2017