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A corporate membership have been made between Boğaziçi University Technology and Education Laboratory for the Visually Impaired (GETEM) and Cyprus International University Library Directorate. With this membership, CIU Library Directorate, has gained the right to access all the collections including 6.602 Braille books ready to be published, 14.875 audio books, 578 audio journals, 444 audio description (motion picture), 972 audio lectures, 1225 audio theatre plays.

GETEM internet library project aims to provide the access to information sources by the visually impaired. Besides the visually impaired, this project also involves the individuals with different obstacles (paralytic, dyslexic) who cannot benefit from the printed materials. The publications in the library are mainly in Turkish and English. Besides story, novel, poetry books, also lecture materials (books, articles, lecture notes) being taught at every level of education, records of some lectures and conferences, and scientific articles and books are contained within the library. In addition to these, a lot of different contents such as radio theatres, mp3 versions of audio descriptive films, audio computers and smart device expressions have taken their place in GETEM’s catalogue.

Technology and Education Laboratory for the Visually Impaired is an e-library which has been working since 2006. Disabled people should come to the CIU library only once with their ID cards and the medical reports, which show the disability, to access to the collection of Technology and Education Laboratory for the Visually Impaired. They can easily benefit from it with a user name and a password after the membership of the library begins free of charge.

Gülten Sala, who is the manager of CIU Library and the consultant of the Library Club, remarks her vision on this issue: “We are working on giving the best service to our users with a strong substructure, technical potentiality and a rich collection. We are proceeding to add new sources to our printed and technological collection”.


In addition to the studies of the service quality, our directorate takes the contribution of social projects on as a duty. Within this framework, we enrol to Burdenless Information Center of Istanbul University and Boğaziçi University Technology and Education Laboratory for the Visually Impaired. Our library has started to give services to disabled, paralyzed and dyslexia people and students with the corporate membership.


Everyone who proves that they have a sight disability with a medical report of disables ID card can be a member of Technology and Education Laboratory for the Visually Impaired and they can reach to all the documents 7 days 24 hours where there is the internet or mobile phone. The works can be downloaded or copied and can be listened from the website or read from the portable devices and Mp3s.

In this e-library there are thousands of vocal and electronic books, radio plays and vocal description films. Cyprus Turkish Blind Associations’ and the handicapped unity associations’ members can access to this reach collection.

The students of library club, which is the first in the island, want to vocalize the books and they have been preparing themselves to do the reading voluntarily. We, as CIU youth, are glad and experience the pride of contributing to the increment of the vocal collection.

Last updated: 15-07-2016